Exam Fact

Curious about what happen when we want to take exam? When the examination is around the corner, many people thing that studying is most important than eating or sleeping. And, if you want to know, many things that are not happen normally will happen in exam week. Just imagine, this student are too lazy to do work like assignment or tutorial but what happen in exam week? This student manage to do all the tutorial given and what that shocked, this student want more and more tutorial! We can label this student as "tutorial fanatics" because he/she love to do tutorial given when exam is around the corner. These are the fact about what will happen when exam is around the corner. Take a look if you are one of them.

  1. Before exam, he/she manage to study all the time from morning until midnight without affected by other people who disturbed his/her. After exam, if you disturb these people, you will be disturb again and again until you stressed.
  2. Before exam, he/she manage to sleepover so that he/she can study more than the people who sleep early. After exam, if you can think these people will stay up at night, you are wrong. Their energy to stay up at night are mostly used in the exam mode. Its mean these people want to collect all the energy that are lost by sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.
  3. Before exam, you will see in the education center like library or faculty, there are more student lying around with their book in hand. In this time, the librarian will get headache because usually the library is the place to study but in exam week, the library are more like market when the people make noise just because they want to ask their friend the question. The lecturer also cannot get enough rest in their air-conditioner lecturer room when the student are continuely to ask lecturer. After exam, the faculty or library are more like the forest. No student lying around and for this time, the lecturer can get enough rest in their air-conditioner lecturer room.
  4. Before exam, if you doing something that are not related with the exam, your friend might be warn you like this, "hey, exam is around the corner. You have to concentrate on your study, not doing this". Maybe you will angry or embrass because in usually, if you doing the same thing, your friend might be join you. After exam, you might be fear to do the same thing because your friend will warn you. But, your friend will invite you to do the thing that he/she warned you not to do before the exam.
  5. He/she will arrive early than before to exam place and he/she will encourage you to arrive early so that you are not too flurry. Why he/she encourage you to arrive early at the exam place? Mostly, these people want to ask you so many question and question that are lying around their head. After exam, if the class started at 9.00 AM, these people usually arrive at 9.30AM and above.
  6. Before exam, the people and their book are together like dating people, do not want to clash, every second they will remember the book and so on. After exam, these people and book had clashed.
  7. Lastly, before exam, we see that they are so many student do their prayer at the mosque and "surau". They also remember who are the true Creator which is Allah s.w.t and pray for the success in the exam. After exam, few student continue their pray to Allah s.w.t for the success not only in their exam but the whole life. The others? Prayer five times a day.
My advice is if we want to success in the exam, we have to pray for success not only when the examination come but on our whole life which are full of sins. We do not have to fix our intention to success in the exam with flying colour by praying for the success because we have another mission to life on earth which is to be true people that our God will accept.
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